The Language Industry Certification System LICS®

is a joint venture between AS+Certification, a subsidiary of the Austrian Standards Institute, and the International Network for Terminology - TermNet. The mission of LICS© is to provide independent, third-party certification services for the language industry.

LICS® offers conformity assessments, audits and auditors trainings for:

  • Translation Service Providers

    Comply with the European Standard EN 15038 for translation services. Assess the quality of translations, based on the industry standard SAE-J2450.

  • Interpretation Service Providers

    Comply with international requirements for Community Interpreting Services in the health, social and other public sectors.

  • Project Management Tools

    Test the conformity of your project management software with respect to EN 15038 requirements.

Become a Certification Partner

LICS® collaborates with local partners, who will carry out the actual task of certification in a specified area. These partners will be accredited for their work by LICS®, and will be monitored on a regular basis. The local partners will report to LICS® headquarters, enabling us to maintain a centralized register of certified service providers.

Licensees may be located anywhere in the world.

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